ASTANA – The Kazakh parliament approved a bill to rename the capital of Kazakhstan a fter former President Nursultan Nazarbayev on Wednesday at a joint meeting of its two houses. The bill was passed in two readings and the decision was announced by Nurlan Nigmatul in, speaker of the lower house of the Kazakh parliament, state news agency Kazinform reported. At the initiative of the new interim president, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, it was dec ided to change the name of the capital from Astana to Nursultan without a referendum. Earlier in the day, Tokayev took office as Kazakhstan’s interim president following the sud den resignation ofRead More →

The identity of a Shanghai vagrant, who has become an overnight online celebrity after videos of him explaining Chinese classics to passers-by went viral on Chin ese social media, has been confirmed by his employer, the auditing office of Shanghai’s Xuhui district government. The office said the vagrant called Shen Wei became one of its employees in 1986 but has been on sick leave since 1993, during which he has been paid with a basic salary. For the past seven years, Shen, usually in rags and tangled long hair, has lived near the metro st ation of Yanggao South Station and collected garbage every day.Read More →

mental illness and not go back to work until he recovered.”The utmost goal is like Zhuge Liang (of the Three Kingd oms), who became a senior official to serve the country,” Shen said. “What comes second is to be like Du Fu (a reno wned poet in Tang Dynasty known for his patriotism), who always puts the country’s and the people’s interests first.” “Over the past 26 years, no one from the office has ever asked about me,” Shen told Red Star News. The auditing office of Xuhui district hasn’t responded to comment as of press time. Shen also denied online rumors that he graduatedRead More →

NEW YORK – UP Fintech Holding Limited, a leading online brokerage firm focusing on global Chinese investors, rang th e Nasdaq Stock Market opening bell on Wednesday in celebration of its initial public offering (IPO). The company, known in Asia as “Tiger Brokers,” trading under the ticker symbol of “TIGR,” announced its IPO of 13 mill ion American depositary shares (ADSs), each representing 15 Class A ordinary shares, at a price to the public of $8 per ADS. UP Fintech Holding started trading at $8.10 per share on Wednesd ay, climbing 24.6 percent from its pricing, and was traded at $9.97 apiece around midday. CitiRead More →

the EU can’t easily be predicted. The difficulty for the EU is that, long or short, any delay comes with complications. And this is where opinions in European capitals start to diverge. If the UK hasn’t left the EU by May 22, it might have to take part in elections to the European Parli amentary elections, which begin the following day. Not doing so could be a breach of the UK’s obligations as a member state.And if that happens, there is a real concern in Brussels that hardline Euroskeptics could stand for elect ion, in protest at Britain not yet having yet Brexited. They mightRead More →

  tension to the withdrawal process, given the unlikelihood of agreeing a deal before Mar ch 29. May is expected to ask the remaining 27 EU member states for a delay at this week’s summit.   It’s possible the EU may propose a long extension to the Brexit process and require the UK to take part in the upcoming European elections in May.   Downing Street has used the prospect of a lengthy delay — which could be used to force a second referendum — to try to persuade Brexiteer lawmakers that they risk losing Brexit altogether if they don’t vo te for May’s deal.The man who openedRead More →

  in the attack through legal means. Ardern and Deputy Prime Mi nister Winston Peters announced Monday evening that the cabinet has agreed to ch anges to New Zealand’s gun laws “in principle,” but the exact measures have not been revealed.   While acknowledging that “for a short period” the planned amendments might create uncertainty for some gun own ers, Ardern said she believes “the vast majority” of New Zealand’s gun owners agree that change is needed.   Tech companies face increased scrutiny   Some of Ardern’s toughest rhetoric was reserved for social media and its ability to quickly disseminate “ideas and language of division and hate.”   ”We cannotRead More →

say playing well at one tournament isn’t enough, we want more,” said the Los Angeles Lakers legend, a frequent visitor to China since 1997. “Now you have to take it to another level … can’t just be comfortable being here. It’s time to push the next generation to try to get on the medal podium.” Rescheduled from 2018 to avoid a clash with FIFA’s soccer World Cup, this year’s tournament has expanded from 24 to 32 teams, who emerged from a revamped quali fication system that lasted 18 months and aimed to involve as many countries as possible. “This allows us to go into moreRead More →

to stay by making big investments,” said the 38-year-old Greek. “Of course our sport is very popular in China and organizing the Cup will make it even more popular. A good perfo rmance by the national team will give it an extra boost. We are harnessing our potential under the leadership of Yao Ming.” FIBA’s footprint in China has become more noticeable in recent ye ars. Last June, the governing body unveiled plans to build a “one-of-a-kind” basketball aca demy in Beijing in conjunction with Beijing Enterprises Group Company Limited to foster young Chinese talent. And, in collaboration with the CBA, the first-ever FIBA WorldRead More →

istrative villages will have optical fiber internet access and 4G network coverage, helping more villagers out of poverty. As China’s economy turns toward high-quality development, the country has also quickened the pace of industrial upgrading. Information consumption can optimize and improve industries, reduce costs and promote quality, W ang said, adding it’s an important factor to boost industrial structure for higher quality deve lopment.Chinese tech platform Meituan-Dianping has ousted former champion Apple Inc to take the top spot of t he 2019 Most Innovative Companies chosen by the US business media outlet Fast Company, according to its official website. Another Chinese tech giant Alibaba GroupRead More →